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cutie bees organic baby rompersCutie Bees is a company created by a mom and an engineer who has a passion for natural and holistic living. She brought the organic baby and toddler clothing line to the market that deliver a number of key benefits. First of all, Cutie Bees clothes are designed to feel amazingly soft so it does not irritate tender, developing baby skin. Secondly, our clothes are vegan and created free of lead, phthalate, formaldehyde and flame-retardants. As a result, those who use the clothes are exposed to fewer allergens. Lastly, our clothes are sustainable. We wanted to make sure that our products do not cause any damage to the nature. We actually want to improve the world around us by making things better for moms and their babies. Better fabrics. Better clothes. Better ways of shopping for them.

All About Organic Cotton

farmOrganic cotton is cotton that is produced and certified to organic agricultural standards. Its production sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people by using natural processes rather than artificial inputs. Importantly organic cotton farming does not allow the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and synthetic fertilizers or GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

Organic Cotton is the most skin-friendly, most soothing, and most harmless natural fiber. It is the best fabric for dressing newborn babies and toddlers. Organic cotton is also non- allergenic, non-irritant and 100% plant-derived making it one of the best breathable fabrics, so it absorbs moisture instead of repelling it and is comforting to the wearer.

All of this clearly demonstrates just how important choosing organic cotton is, and how it benefits the environment and promotes a good quality of life for all involved.

Cutie Bees Organic Baby and Toddler Clothes

cutie bees organic baby and toddler clothesAll of Cutie Bees clothes are made from 100% organic cotton. We are proud to say that our organic cotton is grown from non-GMO cottonseeds in an environment where no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or herbicides have been used for a minimum of three years. We only use low impact fabric dyes that are skin-friendly and good for the environment.

Each of our organic bodysuits, pants, blankets and other clothing items are handmade with love by holistic seamstresses in India. Our clothes are vegan and free of lead, phthalate, formaldehyde and flame-retardants. We follow stringent standards and rules to ensure the clothes are completely all natural and free from any chemicals or other pollutants. We even conduct a third party testing before our clothes make to the store shelves.

Our baby and toddler clothes are a true delight for the soft sensitive baby skin, as it is also non- allergenic, non-irritant and breathable making it the best baby and toddler clothes on the market. And, one that can be used completely guilt-free as it benefits our environment and the world as a whole.

Being Natural, Green and Sustainable

One of the main focuses of Cutie Bees is to be green and natural and serve the Earth. Just because a product is labeled as green, natural, or sustainable does not make it so. We believe that a green and sustainable product isn't only what's on the inside, but how it’s created – without harming people or the planet. We have policies and methods in place to make sure our farmers and workers are treated well and paid well. We absolutely have zero tolerance to child labor and make sure our partners and suppliers adhere to the environmental and social standards. All of our clothing is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and created using fair-trade practices ensuring the clothing is made ethically and sustainably.

Cutie Bees baby models wearing organic and vegan clothes

Cutie Bees really want to make a difference to the world. We want to help moms on an individual level have access to better natural products for them and their families. At the same time, we want to contribute to the planet by ensuring we actively participate in reducing our overall carbon footprint. As a company, we recognize the role a business can play in leading the way for social change. Join us. #ChangeYouCanWear


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What people are saying about us...

“I ordered few bodysuits as a gift to be sent to a friend. I love that all the bodysuits are vegan and organic. I called to ask to have a gift note included, and I was very happy to receive an email confirming this had been included. The service was excellent. And my friend was really happy with the gift. The bodysuits fit well on her son and are so soft.”
Jeanne – Happy Customer

“We got the shipment and everything was perfect! So cute:) Thank you for the hat. It matches perfectly with the bodysuits and pants we ordered and we love it. The clothes are free from chemicals that give me peace of mind and they are extremely soft. I highly recommend Cutie Bees products!"
Melissa – Happy Customer

“Love it! We first got Cutie Bees clothes as a gift, and we loved that they're non-allergenic. We dressed our daughter in only Cutie Bees clothes for few days as she struggles with eczema. After few days of use we noticed visible difference in her skin. The redness was hugely reduced and her skin looked great. I can tell the clothes are made well as even after I washed them multiple times they fit nice. They are so soft and I think my daughter loves her clothes too :) Ordering few more clothes and a blanket today!"
Amanda – Happy Customer

“This is the softest bodysuit we've ever had for our little one. It is well made and of great quality. Also, the size appears to run true. My little girl is rocking it and loves it. We've also received many compliments."
Mary – Happy Customer

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